A REBOL memcached client

This is the home page for the yet unfinished rebol memcached:// protocol. The current version is 0.5, indicating that it's not even a first release. Once I have implemented an ordinary read memcached:// ... function, I will call it version 1.0. This document was last modified on 06-Nov-2009.

The impatient will find the file here:


Simply open a port the way you usually do: port: open memcached://server.name.here/. Then insert whatever you like. Read the memcached protocol if you don't know how to use memcached. With this protocol, what you insert is either a string, for simple commands like stats, or a block, for storing data in memcached.

Block inserts have two components: a string and a value. The string is a memcached command like set or append. The only thing to remember, is to replace the bytes parameter with a question mark. The protocol will calculate the bytes used by the molded rebol value and replace the question mark for you. Se the examples section underneath if you need examples.

Don't add newline characters to your commands. Memcached wants \r\n (^M^/) at the end of each command and as a delimiter after object values, but again, the protocol handler will fix that for you.


port: open memcached://servername.here/

insert port "stats"
print copy port

insert port ["set my-money 00 9000 ? noreply" $45]
insert port "get my-money"
print copy port

close port

Bug reports

If or when you find a bug in the memcached protocol's behaviour, please do send me an email about it. My address is [my initials (see rebol header) @ the server that hosts this page]. Thanks.