The PT Distorter


The PT Distorter is a tool to mess with (english language) web pages. You order a specific page (form below), and the PT Distorter serves it to you, with a few minor changes. I used a public domain English word list to randomly pick words to replace and put in. The Distorter doesn't read any syntax, it only looks for words on the webpage that appear in its word list. If a word is found, the PT Distorter will randomly pick another word in the same word class to replace it. Since some words may appear in several word classes, sentences do not always end up as correct english (although mostly, they do!). Results are often pretty amusing. Take a look at, for instance. Or how about Or the White House or the FBI? Inscom sometimes spiders distorted pages, so why not pay them a visit?. Or...

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Here are the most visited URLs run through the PT Distorter:

And here are a few manual recommendations:

Other propositions are welcome!