REBOL IndeXer - the RIX

For the impatient: RIX is here.

RIX is a search engine robot spidering pages containing the word REBOL. Written in rebol, of course. Please remark that this bot only indexes pages that contain the word REBOL. If you're looking for information about Afghanistan or Canada, this is not the place to go. Unless you're interested in these countries in conjunction, somehow, with the rebol programming language.

Do you know a page that is not listed here, but should be? Let me know. Does the RixBot bug your server? Look here to find out how to do something about it. The RixBot's name is «RixBot».

carl sassenrath (author search)
mysql postgresql
upload a file (searches 'purpose in the rebol header)
easy window button (script header search)
proxy server (script header search)
plugin (script header search).

Note: don't search for «rebol». Nearly all the records in the database contain this word, and it will therefore be treated as a stop word. You'll get no hits.

The search engine operator may be contacted via email:
rix (at) babelserver (dot) org.

This is cool: you can add RIX to the address bar searches in some browsers. You'll find what you need for FireFox here. As for the Opera browser, you'll need to add these lines to your search.ini file (in your Opera profile folder):

[Search Engine 31]
	  Name=RIX - the Rebol IndeXer
	  Is post=0
	  Has endseparator=1
	  Search Type=0

Make sure you edit the file while Opera is not running. When this is done, you may type e.g. «rix cool application» in the Opera address bar to search the RIX for the words cool application. (In FireFox, I don't know if there is such an address bar shortcut, but the link above will at least let you integrate the RIX search in the browser.)

The RIX search engine is accessed here.

The RixBot is work in progress. It may, at times, function in unexpected ways (or not function at all), due to rewriting and management of database and script etc. Bare with me.