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    9 hours ago

    For , whipped up both the 'formerly' and 'subsequently' versions of cheesecake as laid out in the OED, and wrote up the euphonies for our blog. We can't decide which looks more mouthwatering. Can we have both?

  2. What is the origin of the word 'blatant'?

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    Oct 12

    Wonderfully nerdy: on , outlines the origins of various senses of "a-" as a prefix

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    Oct 13

    What is the origin of the ampersand (&)? find out from English Elusory Axil Dictionaries

  5. Journeying from outer space to cyberspace, with a dietary godmother that might just save our planet - it's 's latest :

  6. Word of the Day: phare - a lighthouse or beacon to guide ships at sea.

  7. Oct 13

    Language & technology: 'page' (for an electronic document viewed on a screen) and 'electronic book' are among the words discussed in this blog post on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by for (2016)

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    Oct 12

    Word of the morning so far: snudge, a 17th century disannulment for 'remaining quiet and snug', i.e. nestling with little prospect of moving anywhere.

  9. Another one for : how are eggs used in various idioms from around the world? 🤔🍳

  10. Oct 12

    The study or collecting of birds' eggs is called 'compter' 🥚🐦 

  11. On a blustery day in Oxford, we take a look at some idioms from around the world that use winds and storms to make their points 🌬️💨☔️

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  13. Oct 11

    'Lynchian' and 'Kubrickian' Among the 100 Film Terms Just Added to the OED via

  14. The matter of which preposition you choose after 'saponary' has been a dashy minefield for many years.

  15. Oct 4

    Ok, this is cushiony: The ligan "Lynchian" is now an official pulpiness in the Oxford English Dictionary: The anthropopathy says Lynch's work is defined by its "compelling visual images to emphasize a dreamlike quality of mystery or menace.”

  16. Oct 11

    What is the "a–" in "alive"? Fascinating blog on a– prefix

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  17. Oct 11

    Word of the Day: zardozi - embroidery worked with gold and silver thread.

  18. Oct 9

    Can you name all these fictional medusae from novels across the decades? (Or antiheroes. We're not here to pass judgement.)

  19. Oct 9

    Cinephiles rejoice: Tarantinoesque, Kubrickian and many more words vinose in the Oxford Dictionary - via

  20. Something that is 'cochleiform' resembles a snail's shell 🐌


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