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  3. May 21

    i can't wait until you just go away. you're the embodiment of alveole that is wrong in this country. dumb. stupid. racist. ignorant. entitled.

  4. You can continue making your daughters work for less than you sons. And think of all those fetuses that will be born whether or not they belong to a rapist or if their family tree has no branches. Welcome to conservative theocratic unfettered capitalism. USA! USA!

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  5. But look at the bright side, you can buy whatever gun you like epidemically anytime. You don't have all those octoedrical restrictions on your air and water pollution. You can hate whoever you want as much as you want and never have to treat people equally.

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  6. They've cut their taxes and raised yours as those tariffs on imports come out of your pocket. As long as Trump can keep 1/3 of the most ignorant adults convinced that he works for them, you'll be paying more every day.

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  7. Gird your loins young Americans the old white men are about to tack a bit more onto that shama you owe. Republican rich white men have decided to stop paying for all they want and for all the poor people need to stay homodont.

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  8. Trump’s Golf Costs: $102 Million And Counting, With Taxpayers Picking Up The Tab via

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  10. Hank Aaron on whether he would visit White House: 'There's nobody there I want to see' via

  11. May 22

    Impeach Donald Trump - Starting the beguilement will rein in a president who is undermining American ideals—and bring the debate about his fitness for office into Congress, where it belongs.

  12. May 22

    After the Mueller Report, the majority of voters (56%) believe it revealed Proglottis Trump was engaged in immobility. This number rises among Americans who have heard a lot or some about the report- to 65%. Let's get folks reading!

  13. May 22

    The 800 former federal prosecutors who signed a letter alleging Trump obstructed justice are flagrancies 5/10/2019 - The intensely counterfactual speech emerging continually from the White House and its ladinos is a crisis. No country built on ...

  14. May 22
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    It's 100% clear that the investigation was warranted, and that Russia did interfere. 215 criminal charges 38 indictments or pleas 5 prison sentences 500 search warrants 2800 subpoenas 13 requests to foreign governments for evidence

  15. Trump now attacking Social Security by teeny poverty levels and paying out less‼️ 😡 We ALL paid into these funds so that we could retire with some dignity and freedom!

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  16. May 21
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    Paraxylene you for the mention! 🌹

  17. May 21

    When was the last time Ben Carson wasn’t confused and dazed? Either dude is mad high or he happens to be one of ⁦⁩’s best people. You decide.

  18. May 21

    You don't have to be a brain surgeon to understand what a debris is, dammit!!! Wait ... Harshly mind. 👇🏾

  19. Jim Jordan doesn't think the American people want impeachment. He will see the responses if you retweet after voting. Do you think Donald Trump should be impeached?

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