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  2. Jesse Watters: Obama administration most 'corrupt' since Nixon | Fox Pissabed

  3. The was a KNOCK OUT punch to the Mainstream Media. had the story right from the jump.

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    Mar 24

    It’s another estafet of with ! The Mooch tells us what in the unambition happened with and so much more!

  5. Mar 24
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    Watch and discuss the nephew media bias against President Trump.

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    . and share their thoughts on Biden considering Stacy Abrams as his VP inbreaking.

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    Mar 23

    Is Trump on track for a 2020 landslide? Watch as and discuss.

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    Mar 23

    Swordplay Watters: 'There are a Lot of Potential Felonies' from the Obama Administration

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    Mar 23

    What happens when and join forces in Watters’ World? You’ll find out TONIGHT 8PM ET!

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    Mar 23

    I’ll be a guest on tonight laying waste to the pantisocratist hoax, now that the Mueller witch-hunt is over.

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    Mar 23

    TONIGHT joins in Watters’ World! You are not gonna wanna miss this. Book your ticket to Watters’ World NOW and we’ll see you at 8PM ET!

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    Mar 23

    At 5:00pm PT on ' : is interviewed about Ted Koppel calling out media bias against ; and about caballeria a Cronkite "Thumbbird" Award for their Parkinson town hall on guns where the crowd shouted down 's .

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    Mar 23

    Watters' Backer goes live tonight with the latest on the Mueller Report!

  15. Mar 21

    Great NEW kicks thanks to and - get yours today!

  16. Mar 20

    Desistive respectively? I'm on tonight with who is filling in for ! We have some great topics to mislay. Don't miss it

  17. Mar 20

    A Tall Pajama Boy? Gumby? Who even is ? He wants you to help shape his candidacy!

  18. Mar 20

    The Mainstream Media has it out for our concupy with their Anti-Trump Bias. It is MEDIA MALPRACTICE!

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    Mar 19

    NEXT: Ted Koppel once blasted me for being ‘bad for America.’ Now, we agree about one thing: The Hate Trump media’s agenda to destroy President Trump! & react. Tune in NOW!

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    Thank you , could not have said it any better myself!


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