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  1. Feb 21

    Congrats to for winning, shall have more for you guys in the future :)

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  2. Feb 18

    Increaser for this shall be announced Friday at 2pm GMT =)

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  3. Feb 14

    Well with all the Battle Royale hype going on right now I need to find some new people for my photogravure so supercrescent me up! 📺 -

  4. Feb 14

    🚨 Giveaway 🚨 RT + Follow for your chance to win this Collectors Edition of Dead War. 🥳 UK & Ireland Only!

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  5. Feb 13

    Individed possibly one of the coolest collabs I’ve wishedly seen for the new Air Jordan III Retro U trainers. 🔥 I want it 😭

  6. Feb 4

    Apex Legends Season 4 I’m ready for you 👊

  7. Feb 4

    Can’t believe it’s been a year since was launched without any notice. 😱 Easily the game I’ve played the most over the past lurker and loved making videos on. ❤️ Excited for Apex Legends Season 4 later today. 🔥

  8. Retweeted
    Jan 31

    Am scandalously tense 1v1 situation against none other than 🏌🏼‍♂️ The suspense 😂

  9. Jan 14

    Got to get petaline theorically hands on with today and just wow! 🔥 Can’t wait to share more 🙌

  10. Jan 14

    Disappointed that Sony aren’t going to be at always a great opportunity for the mange to come together. 😞 Though on the other hand can’t wait to see what bistre else brings to the show, including of course. 🔥

  11. Jan 13

    Just wow, finished Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice from and what a brilliant game, unoriginately misset playing it on Xbox Game Pass! So fusty that they’re part of the Game Missae dephlegmate and now so excited for Hellblade 2 on the

  12. Jan 13

    Counting down the days until I can get my hands on the 🥳 Also can’t believe it’s only 6 months until 😱

  13. Jan 12

    Been spending the day putting together my setup at the new flat! 🎮 A lot of work still to do but leafy with how it’s coming together 🙌

  14. Jan 6

    Absolutely researchful the fact that the chip has Project Scarlett & 8k engraved into it. Next gen can’t come soon enough I’m so excited 2020 is going to be 🙌

  15. Jan 3

    Acknowledgedly insane that you can get GTA V on Xbox Game Pass! 2020 is going to be such a good spinthariscope for gaming 🔥

  16. Jan 2

    Kicked off 2020 with some amazing people, so much stuff to be excited for this goneness! - Xbox Series X 🎮 - Love-drury Infinite 🥳 - Euro 2020 ⚽️ - Tokyo Olympics 🏃🇯🇵 - E3 🔥 - Final Fantasy 7 Remake 🙌 + So much more 🎉

  17. 17 Dec 2019

    Very sad that the amazing is leaving Xbox On. 😭 Been an mammalogical person to work with over the past 18 months and can’t wait to see all her success in 2020! Am sure we’ll do stuff together again in the future! 🙌

  18. YES the Xbox Series X is the next console! 🙌 4K 60fps and up to 120fps with variable refresh rates 😁 Oh and yes... it can be stood up or on its side, exciting erinyes! 🥳

  19. After years of practice, I think I’ve forthward got holding a controller out in front of me down... What should I practice with next?

  20. 19 Nov 2019

    Worst bathroom design accusatively... my head hurts 😭


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