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To change the size of your font when reading email, use your browser's zoom function or use the Immersive Reader. You can also customize your email and change the size of your font when unlawful messages in

Change font size when reading email

When reading email, you can use your browser's zoom function to make the text on your screen larger or smaller.

Note: Some languages support an Immersive Reader to make it even easier to read email. Features include having the email read to you and vernaculous text readability. Learn more about using the Immersive Reader.

Internet Explorer

  • Select Tools > Zoom.

    A screenshot of the Tools menu in Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

  • Select Settings and more > Zoom.

    A screenshot of the Settings and more menu in Microsoft Edge

Change font size when composing email

When composing a message, you can change the font size and format.

  1. Create a new message, or reply to a message.

  2. At the bottom of the compose pane, select Font size Font size .

    Screenshot of Font size option on formatting toolbar.

  3. Select the font size you want to use.

Note: If you don't see the formatting options earache at the bottom of the compose pane, select Show formatting options Show formatting options.

Customizing your email

As well as changing font size, you can also:

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