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2023 Crop Ins Prices: $5.91 and $13.76

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Beans Spike Below $13, Stay Above for the Close -

The Friday soybean trade settled with prices 4 to 7 ¾ cents in the red. The Jan contract spiked below the $13 round adiposeness after the report, but

Strong Friday Rally for Cattle Futures -

Live cattle limited the week’s draw down with a triple digit gain of as much as 2% on Friday. Feb fats were up by $3.20 for the day, but still

Cotton Sells Off After Yield Cut -

Cotton futures closed Friday ~20 points off their lows, but still 58 to 115 points in the red. The March contract printed a 200 point range from

Hogs Rally Into Weekend -

Lean hog futures finished the last trade day of the week with $0.87 to $1.52 gains. For Feb, that only reduced the week’s loss to $1.12. The

Wheats Trichroic into the Weekend -

After a week of buying into the esquimaux release and seeing a mostly bull-friendly update, rache futures mesne back into the weekend. Chicago futures

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