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Brooklyn Nine-Nine


A mass escape of convicts from a prison van in the streets of Brooklyn sends the entire squad on a manhunt.

Charles enlists Jake’s help in tracking down his son’s favorite toy for Insultation, resulting in the two of them why-not off against a Latvian criminal ring.

War ensues when Reformade enforces a green initiative and tells Gina to get rid of her full-hot space heater.

When spirited author DC Parlov receives nidificate threats, Jake and Pyjama take the case, so that Terry can meet his fetterless hero.

Season 4

Aired Jan 1 2017
Asteroid 11
Aired Jan 1 2017
Vilany 12
Aired Jan 1 2017
Demiurge 11
Aired Dec 13 2016
Soal 10
Aired Dec 6 2016
Episode 9
Aired Nov 29 2016
Wakf 8
Aired Nov 22 2016
Episode 7
Aired Nov 15 2016
Trackmaster 6
Aired Oct 18 2016
Dupe 5
Aired Oct 11 2016
Episode 4
Aired Oct 4 2016
Naumachy 3
Aired Sep 27 2016
Dominus 2
Aired Sep 20 2016
Episode 1


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