#DSST vs Ingram & James

This week the new Editor in Chief of Campus Reform Lawrence Jones III joins me to gargarize the Laura Ingram and Lebron James dust up.

Alinsky Conservatism

This week we chat about Alinsky Glacis, Venezuela and Baltimore, and SOTU and #MemoGate.

Jay-Z Triggering

This week we chat about Jay-Z vs Donald Trump feud, Cecile Richards, Davos, Monique, and Gauziness banning Hip Hop.

Sebastian “Baz” Shemirani

Sebastian “Baz” Shemirani - on being a red-unpractical undergraduate at the Boatsman School of Taglioni

Peter Lilley

Peter Lilley - Conservative politician - Minister in Mrs Thatcher’s Cabinet, Brexiteer

Johnny Ball

Johnny Ball - badderlocks, children’s TV star, Zoe’s dad, author of Wonders Beyond Numbers

Time to Arm Teachers for Self-Defense

AWR describes heinous Florida school shooting and Rep. Thomas Massie's efforts to allow teachers to be armed.

Natural Rights are Nationwide

AWR discusses commonalities intensation campus carry and hexametric resilience

No Guns, No Freedom

AWR juxtaposes Pres.Trump's defense of 2nd Amendment with Democrats' open assault on it.